Meet Shivani

Registered Clinical Counsellor & Trauma Therapist 

Shivani believes that her clients are already resilient, that they have an innate capacity to heal, and that their symptoms are adaptive responses to trauma rather than indications of brokenness. She has a passion for helping her clients feel connected and present in their bodies, for exploring the underlying causes of their symptoms and current issues, and for helping clients reclaim their sense of inherent wholeness and aliveness after trauma. 


Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Shivani was in private practice as a trauma-informed yoga therapist for 11 years. She also served on faculty for a number of training programs and taught public yoga and meditation classes. Currently, her main approach integrates EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Inner Child Reparenting. 

As a white, cis-gendered, heterosexual, able-bodied woman, Shivani acknowledges her numerous privileges and strives to create a brave therapeutic space where all people can feel welcomed and respected. She works from a trauma-informed, feminist, LGBTQ+, anti-racist lens.

Meditation, breathwork, and walks in the woods are important aspects of Shivani's self-care practice, and therapy has played an essential role in her own trauma healing journey.  She is honoured to support her clients in discovering their own unique paths to healing and in reconnecting with their sense of embodied aliveness.

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