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Being is Enough: The Neuroscience of Embodied Mindfulness

This blog article was written for Stretch Vancouver In the summer of 2013, I sustained a brain injury that forced me to drop out of school and take a significant amount of time off work. Many people are aware that a concussion can lead to headaches, nausea, dizziness, pressure in the head, difficulty focusing, and […]

Be Well and Alive – Transformational Weekend

We all want to live healthy, fulfilled lives, but in order to be at our best we must overcome stress, illness, poor diets, addictions, negative mental habits and other challenges. Join us for a weekend of inspiration, fun and healthy living, where a dream team of innovators in the health and wellness fields will offer their insight into […]

How extreme stress shrinks your brain!

In this essay you will find a number of clinical sounding terms, however, the point in my sharing these findings is to articulate the irreversible damage of traumatic stress, in terms of cell death and reduced volume in the emotional centers of the brain. If you get one thing from skimming this essay, I hope it is a jolt of reality about your own relationship with stress, and the gusto to take on your own health and well-being, for the sake of your mental health!

Although chronic low-grade stress is more common than acute stress from a traumatic event resulting in PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), we can see, and feel in our daily lives, how severely we are affected by stress, not only psychologically, but physiologically. Studies have shown meditation, breath work and yoga to significantly reduce stress and anxiety (I recently wrote an essay on this, which I will post later).