Clinical Counselling & Trauma Therapy

Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed by stress or anxiety? Has your life been impacted by a traumatic event or a difficult childhood? Do you struggle with negative core beliefs that you can’t seem to shake? Are you interested in gentle, mindfulness-based body-integrative approaches to support growth and healing? 

If you answered “yes”, I’d love to work with you! 

Chronic or toxic stress, trauma (however big or small), and challenging upbringings can derail the nervous system, leaving us feeling tense, anxious, spinning in negative thought patterns, or feeling disconnected from our bodies. These experiences can impact our work, our families, our relationships, and our sense of aliveness.

I consider a traumatic event to be anything that overwhelms our inner resources or inner capacity and that leaves a legacy of symptoms in its wake. This can include shock trauma (such as an accident, surgery, loss of a loved one, or sexual assault), or negative cumulative events (such as discrimination, systemic oppression, abuse, neglect, or growing up with a parent with addiction or mental illness). My personal and clinical experience has also shown me that time does not heal all wounds and that our current issues are often influenced by unresolved childhood experiences.  

Here’s how I can help!

I do not promise cures or quick fixes because I believe healing is a uniquely personal, layered, and non-linear process. That being said, at the heart of my work is the belief that all people have the innate capacity to move toward healing and growth when in the right conditions. 

Our work rests on the foundation of developing a collaborative, respectful and trusting therapeutic relationship. We start by helping you feel a sense of presence, safety, and security in your body by orienting to the present-moment through your senses and by engaging self-regulation practices that you can use in your daily life. Once a sense of internal present-centered awareness has been established, we can begin the work of gently processing dysregulation and traumatic activation in the nervous system and body in a way that respects your inner capacity and self-agency. Sessions move at a pace that works for you, and you will leave with take-home practices to support continued growth and healing between sessions. 

My approach is embodied, holistic and experiential. This means that I focus on the present-moment experience of sensations and emotions rather than simply rehashing the stories of the past. I recognize the role of the body and nervous system in healing, and I acknowledge you as a whole amd complete person. 

I integrate the skills and interventions I have learned from Person-Centred Therapy, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Somatic Experiencing®, Cogntiive Behavioural Therapy, and Brainspotting. I also integrate self-regulation practices, mindfulness, and breath-work to help people feel present, calm and as safe as possible in their bodies.

The Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) approach works slowly, gently, and respectfully with the body and nervous system to process trauma, work with incomplete self-protection responses, and to increase tolerance for uncomfortable bodily sensations and emotions in order to bring the nervous system back into its innate flow and rhythm of healing, growth and health.

How often should I come for sessions? 

If my approach feels like the right fit for you and you’re ready to commit to your healing process, I usually recommend starting with weekly or bi-weekly sessions. The length of therapy depends on your goals, your needs, and the complexity of your issues. Some clients come regularly for 3-6 months and then spread sessions out. Some clients come regularly for years. Healing is non-linear and takes the time it takes. For some, therapy is an essential part of on-going self-care, and for others it’s a way to work through specific problems. 

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