Yoga Therapy: A Client’s Journey

During Sarah’s first session I could see that previous years of talk-therapy had brought her up to a certain point in her process, but that her stories were still held in her body. It was a new experience for her to bring awareness to her body’s responses in the moment, but she was curious and willing, and I was excited to work with her. I had no idea of the incredible transformation that would unfold and that I would have the honour of witnessing over the year we worked together. Here’s Sarah’s story:

“I first met Shivani when I attended one of her Flow classes and was immediately drawn in by both her energy and her vast knowledge about what I can best describe as the spirituality of yoga.  She was the first teacher I had ever experienced whose teachings are so grounded in tradition.  Being someone who is extremely interested in learning more about the non-asana practice of yoga, I felt grateful to have found her.  In the Spring of 2012, I attended Shivani’s seven-week immersion course “Seven Roadmaps Within: Chakra Yoga Immersion”, which further deepened my already growing curiosity about our mind/body connection.  Part way through the course, I knew that I wanted to work with Shivani one on one, in her capacity as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Therapeutic Mentor, and I made a commitment to myself to work with her and explore my relationship with my body and my mind.  Over the next year, I honored my commitment by showing up each week to sit with Shivani, and be with myself.  In between my appointments, I sat with myself.  Some days were not easy.  Some days were uncomfortable, and sticky.  Other days were full of space, light and hope.  Some days I showed up knowing exactly what I wanted to talk about and explore.  Other days were less clear.  Week after week, Shivani held space for me.  She listened.  She guided.  She offered.  She invited me to ‘be with’, rather than trying to shift or change.  In short, she walked with me as I identified and wove together the threads of my life’s tapestry.   Naturally, both my meditation and asana practices have deepened.  And the greatest gift I’ve taken away from my work with Shivani is that all of our answers are inside each of us.  We, ‘our selves’, are truly our greatest teachers.  If we can find the courage to be with what is ‘uncomfortable’, we will find that our edges are in fact incredibly rich places.  Unquestionably, my work with Shivani has the changed the way I see myself and the way that I exist in our universe.  Actually, I’d prefer to say, my inner light has begun to shine on my true self; the self that has been there all along.  I am eternally grateful to Shivani for her grace, teachings, wisdom and knowledge.”

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