Discover the wisdom of your body

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy combines yoga, embodied mindfulness, and humanistic psychology to help you become present to the felt-sense of your embodied experience – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Using your body as a vehicle to engage the present-moment helps you gain clarity, enhance self-awareness, uncover limiting core beliefs, reduce stress and anxiety, process trauma stored in the body, and take tangible steps toward the life you want.

Chakra Yoga Immersion this Fall!

Only 15 spaces available! Chakra Yoga Immersion Shivani Wells

NEW: Sliding Scale Payment Option

Sliding Scale

Although you can’t put a price on health, money can be an obstacle to receiving the holistic wellness treatments we seek. With the intention to make my work more accessible to those who might have difficulty paying my regular fees, I am now offering a sliding scale for students and those in financial hardship. Pay what you can within the sliding scale range of $85-$110 for individual sessions. Sliding scale is not available for packages. CLICK HERE to learn more, book a session or a complimentary phone consultation.

Cause of Love: By-Donation Yoga for a Cause

Cause of Love by donation Yoga

Summer Moon Gatherings!

Summer Moon Gatherings

Breath Work & Meditation with Shivani

Breath work & meditation July 2015

Free Pop-Up Class with Shivani: July 25th at Hastings Mill Park

Free Yoga with Shivani

Meditation with Shivani

Meditation with Shivani

Float House & Shivani presents: Soul Journey Series ~ Access to the Subtle Realm

Floating + Breath Work + Meditation + Community = The first edition of Soul Journey Series

TO REGISTER: 604-25-FLOAT (35628) Soul Journey Series