Discover the wisdom of your body

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy combines yoga, embodied mindfulness, and humanistic psychology to help you become present to the felt-sense of your embodied experience – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Using your body as a vehicle to engage the present-moment helps you gain clarity, enhance self-awareness, uncover limiting core beliefs, reduce stress and anxiety, process trauma stored in the body, and take tangible steps toward the life you want.

Yoga for a Cause

Please join us for “Cause of Love: an earnest practice toward reunification” on August 8th, a donation-based class to support my dear friend Coco in the legal process of reunification with her daughter after years of wrongful and heart wrenching alienation. Her courage is enough to inspire anyone and I’m happy to be supporting her by leading a mantra practice for this workshop, among of group of amazing teachers. With a focus on self-love and connecting with oneself through yoga, chanting, breath work, discussion, and meditation this workshop is like balm for the soul. Donations from the workshops will be matched by Terry McBride, CEO of YYoga! Please come, enjoy an amazing practice, tell your friends, raise awareness about alienation, and support Coco in her fight to gain access to her daughter. Here’s her fundraiser where you can donate if you can’t make the event:

Coco's donation class


Summer Moon Gatherings!

Summer Moon Gatherings

Breath Work & Meditation with Shivani

Breath work & meditation July 2015

Free Pop-Up Class with Shivani: July 25th at Hastings Mill Park

Free Yoga with Shivani

Meditation with Shivani

Meditation with Shivani

Float House & Shivani presents: Soul Journey Series ~ Access to the Subtle Realm

Floating + Breath Work + Meditation + Community = The first edition of Soul Journey Series

TO REGISTER: 604-25-FLOAT (35628) Soul Journey Series

Embodying the Chakras: An Intensive Workshop for Teachers

YYOGA.CA/EVENTS YYoga 300 hour

Yoga Therapy Levels 1 & 2 in Vancouver

Interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a yoga therapist? Want to learn how to support people in living more authentic and meaningful lives through a process of embodied mindfulness? Shivani will be leading Level 1 & 2 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) trainings this spring in Vancouver, BC (dates below). This is your opportunity to experience the first steps toward becoming a yoga therapist with one of the pioneering yoga therapy schools in North America. Founded 30 years ago, PRYT is one of only 17 schools accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). This training will only be offered once in 2015 in Vancouver. Contact for more information or visit